Topan Turquoise

Topan Turquoise

Topan is a pendant lamp shaped like a sphere with the lower part cut away. The pendant provides soft direct light and is equally suitable to hang in a kitchen, living room, bedroom, hall or study. As a timeless design, Topan pendant will add colour and shape to a contemporary interior.

Topan can be hung as a single lamp or in a row in the kitchen, over the dining table or any other area of your home. If hung in a stair well, the lamps can be arranged in a soft cluster, perhaps mixing different colours.

Topan was designed in 1961 by the Danish designer Verner Panton, who was one of the most colourful and innovative designers of the last century. It was the first mass-produced lamp by this designer. With a classic simple style, Topan became an instant success when it was first launched and is now as popular as ever.

Topan is available in 6 paint colours and 2 metal finishes. Also available in a new rubber finish – please enquire or phone for further details

Diameter: 210mm, height: 190mm.
40w with E27

Verner Panton 1961
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